T’was the night before Christmas and all had flown home 
Having partied for watches, having sang all their songs 
The galas so glamorous, the gowns all a-shimmer, 
Ol Watch was a player now - a name to remember.

"Are you going tonight, to the IWC Ball?" 
"Can't say that I am, don't know them at all"
"Doesn't matter, you're famous, they'll treat you like gold 
And give you a watch that can quickly be sold!"
So off in a carriage they left with a thrill, 
Over Burbank and Bel Air to Beverly Hills 
"perhaps we'll meet Eric, Mr. Dane is so hot!
Or McDreamy if he's there and Eric is not!"
"So who are these people, they sell watches you say?"
"yes they make them in Europe and give them away"
"why would they do that?", "it's promotion dear girl, 
Make them free to the famous, charge the rest of the world"
So with champagne and truffles and exposure so grand, They hobnobbed with royalty and a first tier rock band.
The Paparazzi with cameras captured it all, 
As soccer celebs autographed their own balls.
At the end of The evening Kevin Spacey would cry  
while Kern thanked the famous for drinking him dry 
"tomorrow it's retail, not a penny you'll see, 
Our boutiques need the business and this business ain't free!"
Oh collectors might yammer about the old days of yore 
When an IWC was a legend with lore 
"They cater to stars now, the famous and rich 
Leaving all who do love them to feed on their pitch"
But lo little munchkins, open your eyes
It's doubtful Ol Watch would have thrived with us guys 
A tourbillon or two might give us a thrill,
But a cult ain't a business if it can't pay the bills 
So if famous brings fame worldwide to our brand 
It also sustains us, the ordinary man 
For Ol Watch is a force now with a future so bright Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
The Night Before Yet Again Another IWC Christmas   2011
    Terry Russell
Copyright © 2011
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