T’was the night before Christmas, and all ‘round the globe,
Not a region was missing from Schaffhausen’s probe.
Scoured were the continents for location and share,
In hopes that new markets, would surely be there.
The Night Before An IWC Boutique Christmas    2010
They sat and they pondered and pondered some more,
Knowing full well the future had something in store.
A channel was needed, something new and unique,
Then Kern sprang to his feet squealing, “Yes, a boutique!”
The plan was a good one, they all did agree,
Though Kern surely knew that this plan was not free
“We have to be thoughtful, we have to be wise,
In the end we prepare for the world’s biggest prize.”
The market I speak of is a world all its own
Where just a percent is a dream still unknown.
Just get me a morsel and hear my heart sing,
And get Kurt on the first flight out of here to Beijing!”
Yes, watches look easy but the cost is a fright,
And no one survives on a watchmaker’s might.
It’s just business my friends, and they all have to grow,
Or they don’t, then they die, oh where did they go?
   Terry Russell
Copyright © 2010

“A growing concern”, said Kern with a sigh,
“Must cover its fixed costs or someday just die.
A fine watch we make, we employee the best,
But without the whole world now we’ll not pass this test”t.
“We will make them exclusive, a sight to behold,
From Kwala Lumpur, to Kowloon, then to Seoul.
We will pack them with goodies, some only sold there,
And we’ll wow these new markets with Schaffhausen fare!”
Taipei or Bangkok or Beverly Hills?
Dubai, Macau, maybe Moscow will thrill?
Oh sure we’ll take Vegas and Singapore too,
But Istanbul pales in the site that I view”xt.
So they opened their boutiques, the world taken by storm,
Trading cult for the masses, a brand would be born.
The success that would follow would certainly ease,
The fear of a failure no man could appease.
So as Kurt settled down for a long winter’s night,
He exclaimed “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good flight!”
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